Time-in vs Time-out

Positive Time-Out (Time-In) vs. Punitive Time-Out: What are the differences, and which is more effective? If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard about time-outs, and maybe you’ve also heard about positive time-outs. Regardless of whom you’ve talked to or where you’ve learned about time-outs, the traditional time-out is very different from the positive time-out. Although … Continue reading Time-in vs Time-out

Humble Confessions of a Montessori Teacher-Parent

Montessori Elementary students sitting around a table

Parenting has by far been the most humbling experience of my life.  I thought I had this – ECE training, Montessori training, years of teaching experience, positive discipline training, a regular mindfulness practice… the list goes one. I know all the “right” answers, I’ve read tons of books, can give great advice.  And yet, I’ll … Continue reading Humble Confessions of a Montessori Teacher-Parent

Positive Discipline

Montessori Kindergarten students sitting in a circle

Have you ever wondered which parenting approach best aligns with Montessori education? Positive Discipline (PD) is an approach that complements the Montessori method because it helps foster children’s “inner guide to develop self-construction and self-motivation.” PD focuses on instilling in children an internal compass which guides them to do the right thing for intrinsic reasons. … Continue reading Positive Discipline