Time-in vs Time-out

Positive Time-Out (Time-In) vs. Punitive Time-Out: What are the differences, and which is more effective? If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard about time-outs, and maybe you’ve also heard about positive time-outs. Regardless of whom you’ve talked to or where you’ve learned about time-outs, the traditional time-out is very different from the positive time-out. Although … Continue reading Time-in vs Time-out

Advice for Parent-Teacher Conferences

In Montessori, we talk about teaching the whole child. This doesn’t just mean making sure the child has a well-rounded education that includes art, music, drama, etc; it also means we care greatly about the social/emotional education of our students. As a teacher, it might be thought that I would know how to parent my … Continue reading Advice for Parent-Teacher Conferences

The Prepared Environments of Maria and Marie

Would Maria Montessori and home organization guru, Marie Kondo, be friends? Each Montessori guide comes into their classroom envisioning what their prepared environment will be.  This is one of Maria Montessori’s tenets.  She said, “The teacher’s first duty is to watch over the environment, and this takes precedence over all the rest.  Its influence is … Continue reading The Prepared Environments of Maria and Marie

Going Outs

Imagine you are an elementary student and you are working with a peer to write a report on a topic of interest. After you have used all of the resources available in your classroom, and you still want more information where can you go? Why should the information stop within the four walls of your … Continue reading Going Outs

Do What You Love: Becoming a Montessori Elementary Guide

I walked into AMI Elementary Montessori training in the sweltering Maryland summer of 2010. I had been out of college a short time and had recently found my way back to the Montessori school I grew up at. While trying to consider how to turn my American Culture degree (“Study what you love!” they said.) … Continue reading Do What You Love: Becoming a Montessori Elementary Guide

The Importance of Beauty in the Montessori Environment

The Importance of Beauty in the Montessori Environment The first time I visited a Montessori classroom I was taken aback by its beauty and order. The shelves, made from natural wood, were well organized and clean. The walls were hung with a variety of art, purposefully placed to capture your attention in one place and … Continue reading The Importance of Beauty in the Montessori Environment

Toilet Training

One of the most human and possibly most underappreciated milestones that children master in the beginning of their young life is the completion of the much anticipated (by their parents) toilet learning. Aside from sleep it is probably the most discussed, lamented and celebrated topic between parents and teachers in a Montessori toddler community. Whether … Continue reading Toilet Training

Nature in the Primary Classroom

Have you ever had the stress of a hard day washed away by looking at the ocean or taking a walk in the forest? The mysteries and beauty of nature can take us out of our head and allow us to listen to our soul in a way that brings a sense of wonder and … Continue reading Nature in the Primary Classroom

Farm Days at Wavecrest

Each Thursday, the adolescent class of SCM called Wavecrest Adolescent Community loads up into the SCM bus and three other vehicles to head to Live Earth Farm in Corralitos. This is the way our adolescent program honors Dr. Montessori’s vision that the adolescent needs to be attached to a farm and in nature. In her … Continue reading Farm Days at Wavecrest

The Power of Yet

The Yeti

Has your child ever told you they “can’t do it” or they are just “no good at” something? As a parent, it is sad to hear your child express this about themselves. It can be especially difficult when you know your child is capable, but it is just going to take time and practice for … Continue reading The Power of Yet