Welcome to Santa Cruz Montessori, thank you so much for your interest in our school. As a longtime Santa Cruz Montessori teacher, parent, Head of School, and now Enrollment Director, I am especially pleased and proud to introduce you to our school’s community and environment.

 Kathy Rideout, Enrollment Director

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Kathy Rideout Santa Cruz Montessori Enrollment Director
Kathy Rideout, Enrollment Director

The admissions process is designed to give parents an opportunity to learn about the school, its philosophy and policies, and to meet our administration and faculty. It also gives us an opportunity to determine whether we are able to meet the needs and expectations of the parents. Our goal is to enroll families who will both benefit from and contribute to what the school has to offer. Santa Cruz Montessori admits students without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.

We are happy to provide a tuition assistance program for families seeking tuition assistance. The available tuition assistance funds continue to increase, thanks to the generosity of current and former SCM parents. Both new and returning families are welcome to apply. This is one of the many ways we work to support diversity at Santa Cruz Montessori.

Through our admissions process, we strive to begin the process of creating a strong, long-lasting, and collaborative connection between each new family and Santa Cruz Montessori. I look forward to personally introducing you to the school, and to helping you make a truly informed decision about your child’s education.

Kathy Rideout
Enrollment Director

Please contact me if you are interested in joining our school.
(831) 476-1646