Our Mission

As a Montessori learning community, we inspire life long learning and a peaceful world by nurturing the natural development of the whole child.

Our Philosophy

Santa Cruz Montessori is founded on the methods and philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. She recognized the potential of each child to become a force for good in creating a better world for all.

Our Values:


Respect for ourselves, each other, and our environment—be that our school, our community, or our world—is at the foundation of Santa Cruz Montessori philosophy and drives our efforts at peace through education.


We celebrate collaboration among students, staff, Board members, volunteers, and parents. Constructive collaboration among all SCM communities is necessary to achieve our mission-driven goals.


SCM staff and parents promote an environment of acceptance for diverse people, ideas, cultures, and economics.


Caring and trust for one another creates an atmosphere where students can exercise their curiosity and creativity without judgment.


All members of the SCM community play a role in contributing to the creation of a quality Montessori environment for all.