“The greatest thing about Santa Cruz Montessori, for me, is all the great friends I made while I was there. The environment allows you to develop great relationships with people.”—SCM Alum

Our summer session includes a range of fun and stimulating sessions in sports, arts, outdoor education, and academic enrichment. From part-time to full-day programs, each with a special focus, you have the flexibility to plan an active, exciting, and educational summer for your child. Please call for a complete schedule of summer classes and summer camps.

Santa Cruz Montessori summer programs are open to children from ages 18 months to 12 years. Each of our classes/camps is limited in the number of children attending, and the small class size allows us to provide attention to each child in a family atmosphere.

YCC and Primary Summer Classes

The goal of our Young Children’s Community and Primary summer classes (18 months to six year olds) is to provide a relaxed and interesting environment for our youngest students. The classes can be used for care throughout the summer or for a short session of enrichment. Each session has a special focus within the regular Montessori class environment.

Currently enrolled children or children enrolling in the fall (18 months to 6 years old) can attend for as little as a few hours each day to full days (8:00 am–5:30 pm).

Elementary Summer Programs, Classes, and Camps

Our elementary summer program (6–12-year-olds) gives children opportunities to explore areas of interest in more depth and also provides full-day recreation programs for students needing care. Camp experiences are also available; they let children experience the beauty of Santa Cruz, and all that the Monterey Bay Area has to offer, through boogie boarding, cooking, writing, singing, dancing, guitar, web design, and computer animation camps. Children 6 to 12 years old can attend for as little as a few hours each day to full days (8 am–5:30 pm).

For more information, please call Luis Medina at 831 476-1646.

Life Lab

In our outdoor classroom we bring science learning to life! Students get to conduct field experiments, attend laboratory lessons and get their hands dirty in the Life Lab garden. Life Lab curriculum includes Next Generation Science Standards and the CA Common Core Science Standards.  Taught by our Life Lab Instructor and Certified CA State Naturalist.


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