Words of Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Santa Cruz Montessori Primary - Preschool and Kindergarten

Our SCM staff and teachers would like to express our gratitude to SCM parents for sharing your children with us. We love your children and we love the work we do with them each day. From our staff and teachers’ own words, we are grateful for:

  • Getting to witness the “ah-ha” moments students experience when they learn something new.
  • That my own child is cared for by loving yet strong teachers who share my vision for his growth.
  • Working in such a nurturing and caring community of teachers, parents and administration.
  • The creativity, joy, curiosity, acceptance, and love of learning that exudes from the children every day.
  • Every morning as the children greet us with their big smiles and positive attitudes! It is a fresh start to every day that few professions offer.
  • The multiple playground noises that can be heard when the children are out playing and having a great time – its music to our ears!
  • Our school community which is a great model and inspiration to all of us faced with struggles in our wider world and gives us hope to persevere.
  • The caring SCM community for the nurturing environment it provided my own children to learn and grow. I’m grateful that I am able to provide that safe arena for exploration to other children now.
  • Teaching in a community filled with respect and heart connection.
  • A community where the teachers, staff, parents and students all truly have a love of learning. There is nothing quite like the excitement in the air in a Montessori classroom.
  • The random jokes and humor that make me laugh multiple times a day.
  • The honor to work toward a future of peace, awareness, and open-mindedness.
  • Sharing the joy of a child’s discovery in their learning.
  • Working with a great team of educators who are so dedicated to our work.
  • The children who give me hope for the future.